June 25, 2020
Portfolio: Half Timber Home in West Spokane

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Here is a real estate photography shoot we did for a Tudor style home in West Spokane! This home was staged very well, and is exactly what I want to see as a photographer. The space is clean, but looks lived in, especially the living room and dinning room areas. In these spaces, its good to have furniture, plants, and a few items on the wall, because it makes it easier for the buyer to see themselves in the space. A completely vacant home is better than a messy one, but when a home is too empty it just doesn’t feel as inviting. In contrast to the living room areas, the bathroom has almost nothing in it, which is really good to see as well, because in a smaller space like that, items like tooth brushes and combs and soap bottles really distract the eye. And to cap it all off, this home has an absolutely stunning backyard, which is a big attraction for anyone viewing the real estate listing!

Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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