July 5, 2021
Portfolio: Bright And Beautiful Spokane New Construction

What’s one of your strongest preferences for a home?

For me, I really want a home that gets a lot of natural light inside. I like numerous, large windows coupled with a bight colored interior that makes the home light up during the day. I find that the more sunlight I get to see during the day, the happier I am, and who doesn’t want to feel happy in their home?

This new construction home we shot a few weeks ago met that preference for me. You can see how much natural light this home is getting by looking at the lightbulbs on the ceiling. In a darker house, the halo around the bulbs would be larger, and the ceiling would be less evenly lit because the camera shutter would have to stay open longer for the room to be properly lit by the weaker bulb lights.

Also, even though cloudy days are typically less preferable for real estate photos, because of the gray exterior look and less natural light inside the home, it was still bright enough to light the inside of the home, as well as give it soft lighting. I enjoy the looks this gives the inside of the home, as it provides nice dimensions and contrast, without creating harsh hot spots on the flooring or reflective surfaces from direct sunlight.

This home was also well-prepared and well-staged, which allowed me to focus all my time and attention on creating a good photo, instead of having to direct staging and/or move clutter. While vacant homes can make the home look its biggest, I recommend having the place staged, because it allows the potential buyer to see themselves living in the home, and it gives it a more personable look instead of emptiness.

How do you think this home looks? What do you like or dislike about it? Let us know below!

Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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