March 31, 2021
Portfolio: Lovely Home With 3D Tour
I shot this home earlier this year and it stood out to me because I really liked the living room, kitchen area, backyard, and I was also able to do a 3D tour of this home! 3D tours are our newest service we’ve added here at Grandshowing, I believe it’s an extremely valuable tool for selling a home. The more of a home or property you can display online, the more attention you’ll get from buyers, especially if it’s in a market that has a lot of people from out of town moving in, like Spokane.

We partnered with Zillow to provide easy-to-use 3D tours at an affordable price so that we can help our clients sell their homes faster and for more money! Adding a 3D tour helps increase the ranking of the listing on sites like Zillow, which means that it will get more views by simply having one, no matter what type of home it is.

So for this home, I really enjoyed capturing the living room and entranceway. It appeared to be the most recently updated part of the home, and I love the style of it. I like the arching support beams that go into the wood pillars, and the water fountain in the entranceway is something I don’t think I’ve seen in a house in-person before.

As with any home, the exteriors almost always would look best in the spring and summer, but I especially would have loved to shoot this home during those seasons, because I think it would have looked incredible. Full, green plants, blue skies, and a blue pool all would have helped this home really pop in the photos, but I still like how these ones turned out considering the conditions. The squared, modern look of the back of the house stood out to me and my favorite photo of the backyard is the angled and zoomed photo looking at the stairs and patio in the back.

It doesn’t always work out to list your home in the spring or summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for bad photos. Professional real estate photography will always make your home look better and more desirable to buyers than amateur photos or taking them yourself, so keep us in mind when you decide to list, whether it be summer or winter, sunny or snowy!

Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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