December 15, 2020
Portfolio: Spacious Cheney Home
201106 7013 S Dorchuck

This house was a little bit of a challenge to shoot, which is also partially why it was so enjoyable. The thing I like most about this home is its wide-open living, dining, and kitchen area. A space like this takes more work to light up with flashes, but it also allows me a lot of different options for angles and distance that I can work with, which is not something I get to experience in most homes. This home was excellently prepared, cleaned, and staged by the homeowner which my job easier and enabled to photos to look their best as well. The multiple, large windows in this space along with it being a beautiful sunny day gave the space plenty of natural light to give good dimensions for each photo.

Also, a great thing about this shoot is that not only did the homeowner make sure the home was photo-ready, but he also left the place so I could work alone. If you’re selling a home, I strongly recommend doing this or staying on another floor once the photographer starts the shoot. When people do this for me, I can be much, much more efficient with my time, which results in me being able to spend more time on each photo with strategizing, framing, and lighting, which all result in better photos. Please consider this next time you hire a real estate photographer!

Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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