May 27, 2021
Portfolio: High-End Home In Latah Valley

We shot this beautiful home back in February in the Qualchan Hills neighborhood in Latah Valley, Spokane, WA, and it was a great experience to shoot! We scheduled the daytime photos and twilight photos back to back, so we wouldn’t have to make an extra trip back to the house, which also means we had to plan out and time this shoot carefully.

Since we have so many home shoots under our belt at this point, we know fairly well how long a home is going to take to shoot before we go. Different real estate photographers base their times and pricing on different categories, such as square footage, or number of total shots or rooms, and we base ours off of the listing price. For a high-end home like this (listing price > 800k) we schedule roughly 1hr and 30 min to do interior and exterior photos, plus 15 minutes for drone photos.

Additionally, since we did twilight photos for this home, we want to schedule it so we finish with interior, exterior and drone photos before the prime time for twilight photos happens, which is about when “golden hour” finishes. Golden hour refers to roughly the hour before sunset when the sun is low in the sky and casts a softer light, and warmer color on everything, which is often preferred for most photography. So we wait until just past golden hour, so the sky has dimmed enough, and the interior and exterior lights will give the home its glow.

Planning ahead, and staying on schedule is critical to real estate photography, especially at the end of the day when the lighting is rapidly changing. Lighting is perhaps the most critical aspect of taking photos, if you can’t predict it or manipulate it, you won’t get the photos you want.

Taking all this info into account, we like how this photoshoot turned out! I like shooting interiors with lots of white and light colors as well as large windows, because it helps light up the space with natural daylight, which I almost always prefer to rely on more than artificial lighting. The only thing I’d like to change about this shoot is if we could have shot the interiors of this home earlier in the day because in that case, I would have been able to turn more lights off in more rooms. However, we still made it work and I like how the photos turned out. These sellers were well prepared and had the whole home ready to go, which is great for me and for them because it allows me to spend more time getting the best photos I can, and spend less time moving clutter around.

Enjoy the photos below, and keep us in mind for the next home you’re selling!

Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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