February 24, 2021
Portfolio: Beautiful Condo In Kendall Yards

Here is a stunning condo we got to photograph the other week, located in Kendall Yards in Spokane, WA. With the white walls and light colors inside, combined with a bright and partly sunny day, we were able to a lot of this home with mostly natural light. I love it when we have the opportunity to do that, because I believe it gives the photos a much cleaner, and fresher look. Additionally, even though this home was still occupied, it had been wonderfully cleaned and staged, which allows the photos to look their best.

An important part of real estate photography is communicating with the agents and sellers about important features of the home and surrounding area. We show up knowing little about the property in most cases, and we want to be on the same page with our clients so we can provide them what they want. For instance, with this property, we made sure to highlight the view of and proximity to downtown Spokane because we all agreed that would be a key selling point to potential buyers. Whether you’re a realtor, seller, or photographer, always communicate with each other about how to best display the property!

Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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