September 14, 2021
Portfolio: Large Custom Home In The Countryside

One of our favorite shoots of the year, we photographed this home back in June, which was a great time of year to show this house and property!

With a limit of 50 photos on the MLS, it can be tough to capture all of a property and home this size, so we have to highlight the most important parts. Oftentimes, laundry rooms, half-bathrooms, and garage photos are the first to get cut for interior photos. Most people’s biggest inside the home at the living room, kitchen, and primary bedroom. These are the areas we take the most photos of and spend the most time editing because we know they really need to impress potential buyers. One important aspect of interior photos with a home like this is making sure the views looking out the window are clearly visible. Potential buyers are going to value the view out of any room in a home like this, so we want to make sure it’s highlighted in the photos.

For exteriors, our primary focus is to make sure all of the property is covered. Most land parcels are shaped into squares or rectangles, so we take a photo from each corner and side. Then we take multiple photos of the front, as well as making sure we get a close, straight-on view facing the back of the house. We then make sure to highlight other outdoor features, whether it be a pond, fountain, garden, or detached garage For this home we really focused on the main-level backyard porch, which had a large space with incredible views. Definitely a selling point of the home.

Drone photography was an excellent choice on this listing as well. A 10-acre property with surrounding views is something that even 20 ground-level photos won’t fully capture, so a bird’s-eye view is extremely useful. It allows viewers to clearly see where the property ends, and where everything is in relation to each other. I remember this shoot was on a day with very high winds, and we were still able to capture everything!

Professional real estate media helps sell any property faster and for a higher price compared to amateur media, but it is even more important on listings like this. Phone photos can’t capture those window views, get the correct lighting, capture great colors, and especially not the bird’s-eye view of a drone! Order online today and we’ll help you sell your property with high-quality real estate media!

Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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