January 27, 2021
Using Drone Photos To Attract Home Buyers
Drone and aerial photography has become an incredibly useful, and oftentimes essential tool for real estate photography. It gives you unique perspectives that shows the home/property better in a practical sense and can also show it in a more pleasing way to catch the attention of potential buyers.

Take for example the photo above. A normal front-side photo from the ground would only catch the home, distant trees on one side, and maybe a couple of hilltops on the other. But with this drone photo, we were able to show the neighborhood behind it, the colorful trees, a great view of the hills, and that it’s near a lake! Additionally, we can get all of these surrounding features while still getting a great shot of the home itself.

Homebuyers see countless eye-level photos of homes, which are definitely important to have. But when you are listing a home, you want it to stand out from the many others on a listing page. A great way to do that is breaking a pattern of what a person sees as their scrolling through a web page, and give them a different perspective on a home than the 50 others that they’ve seen already!

Below are some of our favorite drone photos we’ve taken and were used to attract more attention and offers to the homes we shot them for. If this is a service you want, we can provide it for you on any shoot we do for you, just select the service in our easy-to-use online ordering feature!

Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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