January 5, 2021
Portfolio: Commercial Real Estate
Residential real estate isn’t all we photograph, we also capture commercial properties and products as well! We really enjoy this type of work because we get to really put lots of time, care, and effort into making the photos special. As an artistic business, we often want to spend more time on our work, but at the same time, residential real estate is a fast-paced field that requires quick turnarounds for lots of photos. However, when we are hired for commercial shoots, our clients want a lower number of high-quality photos that they may use for years for their marketing, and that means we can work longer on each photo to make it look its absolute best.
So what type of subjects do we photograph, and who typically hires us? Well, we have worked for quite a mix of industries, because any and all businesses need good photos to represent them! We’ve done work for apartment buildings, workspaces, industrial spaces, storage companies, magazines, construction companies, and more! If you own or work for a business that needs quality marketing materials, simply contacts us and find out how we can help you!
Here are some of our favorite photos of various shoots we’ve done over the last couple of years:
Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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