July 27, 2021
Portfolio: 1910 Craftsman Home Near Manito

Homes located on the South Hill seem to make a disproportionate appearance in our portfolio, but it isn’t without good reason. Unlike some other areas around Spokane/Spokane Valley, a large part of the South Hill is filled with either old historic homes, or high end homes, which we both like to showcase. This home in particular is over a 110 years old! To see it up-kept well, with some modernized touches, while still keeping its character is something that I admire.

This home was well prepared for the photoshoot, and while it had more stuff in it than we prefer, it was organized and clean which is the most important part. The large amount of windows, coupled with the white and bright colored paint, makes most of the rooms really pop in the photos.

A lot of the rooms are also surprisingly spacious, which is not always a given with these older homes. The key areas such as the kitchen, living rooms, master bedroom and main bathrooms all looked comfortably large, which is also good for photos, because it allows us to move through the space easier to get the best angle we can.

Finally, I really liked the backyard of this home. It’s really easy to envision hosting parties here, which is something that is really appealing to a lot of potential buyers. Something I haven’t seen very often that I especially liked here, was the symmetrical back porch! As you see in one of our photos, two doors leading to the outside face directly opposite one another, with a window centered between them. Zoom back further in another photo, and you’ll see stairs leading away from each other to exit and enter the porch space as well.

This was clearly a well-maintained home, and the work that the sellers put into preparing it really payed off in the photos, as potential buyers will easily be able to envision themselves living there. So if you’re thinking about or are selling your home, don’t underestimate the impact that making it look it’s best will have on in-person viewing, marketing materials, and final sale price!

Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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