November 18, 2021
Portfolio: Beautiful Custom Home In North Spokane

This was a very fun home to photograph! One of my favorite qualities a home can have to make photos turn out well are large and numerous windows that provide lots of natural light, and this home fits the bill! I am especially proud of how the living room and kitchen turned out on this shoot. All of the photos in this space have a very soft look to them that still has enough contrast to make it pop. I turned off all the interior lights in this space as well, to reduce distractions and color cast in the image.

Another thing I like about this home is that because of its large size, it gives me room to get more creative angles that help show it off better. For example, I’m glad I had enough room to get a one-point shot of the kitchen because I think it’s one of its most pleasing angles.

The exterior of this home was a little tougher to edit because the photos were taken while the sun was high in the sky, so this makes for some really harsh shadows, most noticeably in the backyard. Large, harsh shadows are one of the hardest things about editing exterior real estate photos, because they have a strong blue color to them, and you lose clean detail in them as well. For most photos like this, we raise the brightness on the shadows, as well as “warm” them up.

Real estate photography is a balance of making each photo as best as it can be, while still keeping it realistic. We don’t want potential buyers to not recognize the property when they see it in person, but we also want to capture their interest in the first place. At Grand Showing, we pride ourselves on achieving that balance.

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Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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