September 30, 2022
Use Matterport 3D Tours To Sell Homes Faster

Use Matterport 3D Tours To Sell Homes Faster


Realtors and property sellers, you have a huge opportunity to make your listing stand out. Matterport 3D Tours are insanely effective, and currently the most underutilized promotion tool when selling homes in Spokane and CDA, which gives you a big opportunity. And it’s super easy to upload your tour to your listing with only a few clicks. Continue reading to learn exactly how you can sell homes faster using Matterport 3D Tours, as well as all the other benefits that come with Matterport 3D Tours.


  • Sell Homes Faster
  • Make Your Property Stand Out from the Crowd
  • Easily Show Off Your Matterport 3D Tour
  • Enjoy One Big Benefit with Grand Showing’s Matterport 3D Tours
  • Easily Purchase And Upload

Sell Homes Faster


According to MLS data, of the 143,000 homes sold from 2016-2019, those with a 3D tour sold up to 31% faster than those without. They also sold for a 4-9% higher price. The linked article goes into more detail while referencing two separate studies, one of which was done by Ph.D. researchers at Texas Tech University. See the full article on

One of the reasons realtors sell homes faster with 3D tours is because they increase buyer engagement. During the summer of 2022, listings with 3D tours were saved by buyers 36% more than those without. Here are the recent statistics provided by Zillow:

Zillow 3d tour stats

Image Taken from Sep 17, 2022

Make Your Property Stand Out from The Crowd


 When you add a Matterport 3D Tour to your listing, it stands out on Zillow map results as shown in the image below. You are greatly increasing the likelihood that home buyers will click your property first when searching for homes on Zillow. Notice in the image that there are many homes for sale but only four that have a 3D tour. Suddenly, it becomes much easier for buyers to choose which home to click first.

Image Taken from Sep 17, 2022

Easily Show Off Your Matterport 3D Tour


You can embed your Matterport 3D Tour seamlessly into both Zillow and listings, as shown in the images below. Simply add your tour link to your MLS listing, and Zillow and Realtor will pull it automatically. On Zillow, buyers can interact with the 3D Tour directly on the listing itself. On, buyers click the 3D Tour link on the bottom left corner of the listing image and the Matterport 3D Tour opens.

    matterport 3d tour on Zillow
    matterport 3d tour on

    Enjoy One Big Benefit with Grand Showing’s Matterport 3D Tours


    When you purchase a Matterport 3D Tour from Grand Showing, you receive Floor Plan images that allows buyers to see exact room measurements. You will help buyers plan how their furniture may fit in each of the home’s rooms which can greatly increase their confidence when committing to purchase a property. See an example below.

    Easily Purchase and Upload


    To purchase a Matterport 3D Tour, find the golden Photo and 3D Tour Bundle on our order page.

    Grand Showing only needs 30 minutes to capture your whole home. Your tour link will be sent to you the next day along with your photo delivery. Then, you simply add your Matterport 3D Tour link to your MLS Listing inside either the “branded virtual tour” or “unbranded virtual tour” box. That’s it! Realtor and Zillow will pull the tour automatically from your MLS listing. 

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