December 22, 2020
Stunning Custom Home In Davenport, WA
Real Estate Photography Spokane

This might have been my favorite home I’ve photographed this year. First of all, the main thing I hope for every home I go to shoot, is that the seller or realtor has taken the time to at least make the home clean and tidied up, and the seller on this home met and far exceeded that expectation. It struck the balance I look for in each home, which is a clean and decluttered space, yet has enough furniture and items to make it still feel like a home. The excellent taste in the interior design of the home didn’t hurt either.

Secondly, I love how the whole home was painted white, yet was filled with complimentary colorful items. With many large windows, coupled with a beautiful sunny day like this one, the home becomes very well lit with simply just natural lighting, which looks great in person and especially in photos.

My favorite area of the house was the living/kitchen/dining area, and being able to connect all three of those together with having lots of space to position my camera for the right shot.

Outside it was nice to capture the wide-open landscape surrounding the home. Also, since it is out in the countryside, I was able to put distance between me and the house to get some images at a higher focal length (more zoomed in) which often makes homes look better. These zoomed-in shots aren’t always possible or ideal in more suburban/city areas because there are more often nearby houses, trees, cars, etc.

All in all, this was a lovely home to shoot on a lovely day, and I’ll remember it for a long time.

Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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