April 14, 2021
Portfolio: Twilight Shoot For South Hill Home
This was a lovely home we did on the South Hill of Spokane that we not only did daylight ground-level photos for, but also drone and twilight too! Real estate photography is a high-volume type of business for most photographers, meaning that we do lots of homes for lower prices, rather than a small number for high prices. However, I always enjoy shooting homes where I get to do add-ons (such as drone photos, twilight photos, video, 3D tour, etc.) because I get to spend more time on one home and get to show it off in more ways than usual. A home that I get to spend two hours on is usually a more rewarding experience than one that takes me 45 minutes.

For this home, I got to capture its interior and exterior photos just before golden hour, when the lighting is really soft and pleasant, and gives the exteriors a warmer look. Then, I got to stick around, scout some spots for the twilight photos, and wait for the perfect time. Twilight photography is very time sensitive, and requires you to know the ideal time of where the sun will be, know which spots you’re going to take photos, and then do it quickly. There’s about a 10 minute window or so for twilight photos, because if you do it too early, the sky is too bright and you don’t get the colors warm colors from the home lights, and if you do it too late, the sky is too dark and the home lights are too bright. It’s quite a rush capturing twilight photos.

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Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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