June 1, 2020
Portfolio: South Spokane Hilltop Home

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Here’s a beautiful twilight shoot we did for a spacious home with a gorgeous view. Some things to note about this home is that it has a a lot of windows. This is common with any house that is has as good of a view as this, because no homeowner wants a wall to prevent them from seeing a sunset like this one. A real estate photographer’s job is to highlight selling points like this, and being able to properly light a room as well as making the windows clear and crisp is a top priority here. One other note about this real estate shoot, is that it had two difficult to control factors go right for it. First, the lawn and surrounding vegetation were all green. This mainly depends on the time of year, climate, and the owner’s overall maintenance of the yard, and all three of those variables turned out well here. Secondly, the weather was great too. A clear, sunny sky is what every real estate photographer loves to see. It brings the best colors and contrast out of a home, and it gives the image a much happier tone than a dark, cloudy sky. Sunny days like this are obviously more common in the summer, but when booking a real estate shoot, try and look at the seven day forecast and look to book on what looks to be a sunny day!

Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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