May 4, 2020
How To List Your Home On Facebook, And Why It Matters

Whether you are a realtor or selling your home yourself, you want to use every tool at your disposal to get your home viewed by as many people as possible. With the tools and ease of use of Facebook, it is an excellent place to list your home no matter who you are.

Why You Should List Your Home on Facebook

  1. It’s Free And Easy

    With a service that is free, easy to use, and as popular as Facebook, there’s no reason not to list your house on here. All it takes is 5-10 minutes of your time and your home can be view by hundreds, and even thousands of people.

  2. Local connections

    Chances are, you have a lot of friends on Facebook who live in the area where you are selling your home. Those friends can view it, their friends can view it, and all of them can be potential buyers or tell potential buyers about your home.

  3. Facebook Marketplace

    Not only can you post your home on your personal profile, but you can also list your home in Facebook Marketplace. It’s just as easy to do as making and ordinary post, and you can better target people who are actively searching for a home in your area.

How To List Your Home On Facebook

Posting on Your Personal Profile:



  1. Starting on your home page, go to the top bar and select “Photo/Video.”

  2. Select the photos and/or video(s) of your home that you want to post. Before you get here, try to have all your photos saved in a folder on your computer that you can easily access, so you don’t forget to post any.

How To post to Facebook 2

3. Order your photos. Generally speaking, you want to put at least one exterior photo first, then the living room, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, a second living area (if there is one), bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room, and then the rest of the exterior photos. You want to show the most important parts of the house first.

4. Select “News Feed” and “Your Story” to post, and make sure they are set to be view by “Public,” so the maximum amount of people can see it.

5. Write a few sentences about the house. Address/area, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, listing price and contact info. Add anything else you think is important, but make sure to keep it as short as possible. People don’t like to read long text posts when scrolling Facebook.

6. Click “Post” and you’re all done!

Posting On Facebook Marketplace

  1. On your home page, go to the top left corner, and select Facebook Marketplace.

posting to marketplace 2.png

2. Select the “Sell Something” button.

3. Select “Homes for Sale or Rent.”

marketplace 3.png

4. Fill out this form with all the info of your home. When adding photos, remember to order them how I mentioned earlier. Also remember to make the listing “Public.”

5. If you’re a realtor and have a Facebook business page, you can choose to list it under that by selecting “Listed By” at the top and selecting your page.

6. All done and you’re ready to post!

Additional Tips

  1. Include videos in your listing. Facebook algorithms favor videos over pictures. You can also do a separate live video walk-through tour that Facebook will boost also.

  2. Use quality images. Wherever you’re posting your listing, better images help sell your home.

  3. Don’t include a link in the post itself. Facebook doesn’t want people leaving their site, so algorithms don’t favor posts with links. Instead, include a link in the comments of the post.

  4. Post in local real estate Facebook groups.

  5. Consider promoting your post with paid Facebook ads.

Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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