March 14, 2020
Midcentury Modern House Overlooking Qualchan Golf Course

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Here is an impressive house we had the privilege of photographing for Realtor Tony Vaughn from Spokane, WA. The house is a mid-century modern home that overlooks the Qualchan Golf Course. Projects like these are very cool because home is unique.

We like our photos to have a natural look that gives the sensation that you are there. When we edit the images, we make them look like they have a ton of natural light and contrast. The most challenging part with home shoots like these is the window views. We try to show the window view while making the images look natural. We fade the windows a little on purpose because that would be how you would see the home windows if you were there.

Enjoy these photos 😉

Post Written By: Ven Kravchenko, Real Estate Photographer

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