March 19, 2020
Portfolio: Beautiful Home in Liberty Lake, WA

Real Estate Photography in Liberty Lake

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We provide real estate photography for Spokane, WA, and surrounding areas. Here is a shoot that we did last year on a beautiful home in Liberty Lake, WA. The staging and lack of clutter made the photos show the house in an inviting light. An adequately prepared home, coupled with quality real estate photography, will grab attention from potential buyers.

Tip: Get the home ready before photos.

Take away the clutter.

The owners of this home did an excellent job of minimizing the amount of stuff in all the rooms. You can see the space; there’s nothing in the way.

Open the windows.

Natural light helps a space feel big, whereas darkness will make a space look small. Usually, the more light is in a room, the better.

This home provides a great example of how much stuff should be left inside. It’s okay to pack your garage and closets; we will not photograph them.

Post Written By: Ven Kravchenko, Real Estate Photographer

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