March 11, 2020
The Two Things That Sell a House

Above is an example of a house shoot we did in 2019.

Please use professional photography

My goal with this post is to convince you to use a professional real estate photographer in the sale of your home. I believe in this so much that I will say that it’s okay not to use us, just get good photos. I want you to succeed in your quest to sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

I was recently talking with a more prominent real estate agent client of mine who sells a ton of real estate, and he mentioned that the two most important parts of selling a house in today’s market place would be the photos and the price of the home. Here is what they meant.

Pricing the house

If a seller wants to get top dollar for the house, they will have a harder time selling because of basic economics: supply and demand. If there is a similar house on the market at a lower price, a potential buyer will save some money by going down the street.

Sellers beware (I’m speaking to you: FSBO folks), pricing a home too high is gambling. If the house sits on the market for a long time, people may think something is wrong with it, when in fact no one is buying it because of the high price.

professional photos matter

Now moving on to the second point, why is it essential to have high quality professional real estate photography? The photos are what get clients through the door. I’m going to repeat this part because it is so vital, quality real estate photography is what gets potential buyers through the door. I hear this over and over from multiple realtors. If the photos suck, you will get a lot fewer people showing up at the house and doing a walk-through.

What good photos accomplish

There are a lot of beautiful houses that sit on the market at the right price that do not get sold because the listing photos were garbage.

Good real estate photos do three things:

  1. They create a positive emotion in the potential buyer – the home looks spacious and inviting.

  2. They show the space in an accurate but pleasant way.

  3. They grab attention from the potential viewer who is looking through hundreds of listings.


Quality real estate photography is essential in getting more views of your listing and more walk-throughs of your home.

I recently took photos for a “for sale by owner” (FSBO) seller that sold his house in about a week without a real estate agent. I’m not saying that a realtor is not valuable; they are helpful in the complicated sale of a home. I’m just trying to persuade you to use good photos in your listing; they do matter.

Post Written By: Ven Kravchenko, Real Estate Photographer

Thank You

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