August 3, 2020

Here is a video we made for our client of a beautiful home in Nine Mile Falls, WA. Agent: Larry Kloetsch Phone: (509) 879-6797 Email: W…

This was a really special house for us to shoot, as we were able to do our standard photos, twilight photos, drone photography, and walkthrough video! Special homes like these deserve to be shown off in all the ways they can, and we were glad to do it! A beautiful location right by the river on a beautiful Spokane summer evening made it easy on us to make this home and property look great. Both Ven and I were together on this shoot, and it still took all evening to capture all the aspects of this home. As as real estate photographer, anytime you are working in the evening, you are working against the clock. We make sure to do our standard photography and drone photos first, since they require the most daytime light. Then Ven did the walkthrough video while I took exterior photos, including ones at different times to get the best of the setting sun. Then, the most time sensitive and crucial part, the twilight photos. These occur in a very brief window of time, when the sun has set enough for it to be dark enough, but also still light enough to have enough accurate colors, because if its too dark then everything becomes too blue or yellow. But everything turned out great on this shoot, and it might be my favorite one I’ve done. Check out all the photos and video and think of us next time you need a home to be photographed right!


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