October 19, 2020
Portfolio: Sensational Spokane Valley Home
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This beautiful home in Spokane Valley was fun to photograph! Each room was different and offered a unique little challenge to figure out it’s best angle and how to light it. These mid-range and high end homes often offer surprise features and design that I get to figure out when I show up at the home, and is part of what can make my job as a real estate photographer interesting. Some unique features of this home include an authentic Italian wood fire oven, and a theatre room! Things like these can be big selling points and make it stand out from other homes, so it’s important for any real estate photographer to make sure that they are aware of these features when they arrive at the shoot, and to make sure they highlight them. For photographers you can trust to make your home look its best, contact us today!

Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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