July 7, 2020
Portfolio: Cozy South Hill Brick Home

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This beautiful home on the South Hill has a great blend of both new and old design to it. It has an inviting brick exterior, to go along with a brick fire place and wood flooring in the living room and dining room. These charming qualities go along with fresh new designs in areas like the kitchen, which is a space that I personally like to have a fresh, clean feel to it.

In real estate photography I see all sorts of styles of homes and the rooms inside them, and its interesting to see the different factors that can make any room, good or bad, look better or worse.For example, in the case of a bad looking room, like a basement bedroom, with chipped paint, marked up floors, and an uncovered light bulb. Sounds unappealing right? But just one factor, like the color of the walls, can make a huge difference in how it looks in a photo, at least in my style of photography. If the walls are colored white, it often looks better than if it were in similar condition with any other color, because it gives the viewer of the photo an (most likely false) impression of them room being in relatively good condition.

So if you ever plan on doing remodeling or upgrades to your home before selling it, think about not only what looks good in person, but also what will look good in photos as well!

Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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