August 12, 2020
Portfolio: Charming South Hill Brick Home With Modern Touches
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When I think of a classic typical South Hill homes, a house like this is what comes to mind. A historical look, with lots of plants and trees, which are nicely maintained, and large rooms with woods flooring and trim. The bathrooms in this home also stood out to me, and I liked the patterns and tiling in all of them because they give it a unique look. As a real estate photographer, there are a couple challenges that come with this kind of home. One, is the amount of wood in the interiors. Wood, especially in large rooms, can be tricky to properly light with our flashes, and therefore is difficult to get accurate colors. So we light them as well as possible, but almost always are required to correct the colors in Photoshop. Another challenge is capturing the exterior of the home well. Trees are lovely to have in your yard, but a lot of times they tend to get in the way of a good photograph. When I am on the job, my main focus is to best show off the home itself, and anything that is partially covering it or distracting from it can decrease the quality of a photo. So with a home like this, we have to find the right angles that can show the most of the home, while making it look its best as well. Overall, these types of homes are always a fun part of the job to see in person, and to figure out the best way to communicate the look of it through photographs for others!

Post Written By: Jackson Erb, Real Estate Photographer

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